A downloadable game for Windows

Explore a chicken coop as a chicken in VR! you can interact with your environment or just choose to relax with your fellow chickens on a sunny day.

Install instructions

Unzip folder then when you open it click WindowsNoEditor > VrProjectJam01 that has the U icon next to it.


packaged chicken game.zip 425 MB


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We went over this project pretty extensively in class so I'll just summarize: Terrific job, consistent style, great proportions, good flow, adorable characters, and good size for a short vr experience. to push this project more I would suggest animation on touch and gaze (https://www.brightdevelopers.com/interaction-objects-virtual-reality-unreal-engi...), interactive sounds, and pushing the lighting work a bit to bring in some complimentary colors and complexity. Excellent work overall.

Grade: A+

thank you!

You're welcome :)